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For an unforgettable evening

Arrive early 

Indeed, Ciné-Parc Orford is more and more popular each year and by popular, we mean that it is common to have certain screens sold out on opening weekends. If you want the best choice of places, you must arrive before 8:00 p.m. The site opens at 6:00 p.m.


Bring your sports equipment and musical instruments 

Soccer balls, footballs, badminton rackets, frisbees, volleyballs, etc., our site is large enough to allow you to bring what you want to entertain yourself. However, watch out for cars near you!

Bring your acoustic guitar, harmonicas and drums and have fun with your friends and family!


Come with a smallest car possible

If you have to choose a car to come to the drive-in, choose the lowest one. That way you can be placed closer to the screen. Places for large and medium-sized vehicles are limited, while places for small cars are available in greater numbers.

Bring your hairy friend

Yes, dogs are accepted at the Ciné-Parc! You can bring your companion to entertain youreself before the movies and to cuddle during. Don't forget that they absolutely must be on a leash for safety measures!


Pay attention to the radio, our website and our Facebook page

Several contests are offered. Visit our page Facebook and our website.

Park properly 

In order to avoid being replaced by a drive-in security employee once you are settled-in , here is how you must park:

A. Listen carefully at the ticket office to the color of the post next to which you must park depending on the size of your vehicle (note that sometimes you can be moved, because no vehicle has the same height and the terrain varies in level, so you can hide someone behind you)

B. Park as close to the pole as possible to allow us to park more vehicles

C. Sit in the front or back of your vehicle so you don't occupy a space for another vehicle.


Remove the ''rack'' on the roof of your car

In order not to hide the screen and to have a better place, remove these before coming to the drive-in!

Bring a small trash bag to put your trash in

It is not pleasant and comfortable to have lots of trash in your car while watching a movies. Put all your waste in a garbage bag, leave it in a corner of the vehicle, dispose of it in the many garbage cans of the drive-in theater or even at home when you return and that's it!

Bring window cleaner 

To maximize your experience, nothing better than a shiny windshield! If you forgot what you need, we sell a small  kit at a cost of $5

Know how to turn off your vehicle lights and check if your radio is in good condition 

In order not to disturb others during movies with your lights on, take a few minutes to check how your daytime running lights turn off. Also, the sound at the Ciné-Parc is directly in your radio, so in order to have sound, check the condition of it!

Be vigilant for your car battery

If you want your car to start at the end of the films or to be sure to have the radio and sound throughout the screening, put your car key on ACC (accessory) and do not have it on ON. If you have to use your windshield wipers, be aware that your battery cannot last a full film with this option. Better save it! Fear not, we have a ''booster pack'' to help you out.

Do as in your living room

Bring your cuddly toys, pillows and mattresses to be as comfortable as possible!


Obviously, nobody likes being attacked by mosquitoes, better bring your bottle of mosquito repellent to keep them away.

Skip the long lines for the bathroom

Go during the opening commercials or a few minutes before the end credits!

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